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If you've come to a time of divorce, ask yourself these questions:

  • Did you love your partner?
  • Did you share a life together?
  • Was some of it wonderful and worth remembering?
  • Do you grieve his loss, or hers?
  • Do you care about your children's emotional well-being?
  • Do you care about your own?
  • Do you want to go on with your life?
  • Do you want to learn from your experience?
  • Do you want to bring more consciousness to a new relationship?
  • Do you prefer healing over conflict, peace over power, forgiveness over vengeance?

If you answered, yes, and yearn to find a more conscious and healing way to end your relationship, then A Healing Divorce is for you. Written by a couple who have lived through their own divorce and remained friends, this book shows you how a parting ceremony can transform anger and bitterness into positive energy that will help you heal the past and create a new life for yourself and your children

A divorce ceremony can heal hearts and transform lives.

The book A Healing Divorce: Transforming the End of Your Relationship with Ritual and Ceremony is for all those who long for a way to ease the pain of divorce and end a relationship with with forgiveness and healing.

Don’t believe the Myth of the Bad Divorce!

Couples breaking up don’t have to recite the same harsh ABC’s—accusation, bitterness, conflict; anger, blaming, contempt. A Healing Divorce shows how ordinary people speaking a new language of caring, truth and peace have parted more consciously by creating and performing divorce ceremonies, and how you can do it, too. Based on our personal experience, extensive research and the intimate stories of many people, this book offers compassionate and down to earth guidance that can help anyone — couples, individuals, families, clergy, lawyers and counselors — understand the power of ritual to transform divorce.

A Healing Divorce is unique. It includes inspirational stories, frank discussion, practical recommendations and many examples of rituals and ceremonies drawn from Christian, Jewish and ecumenical traditions. Step-by-step, it shows how to prepare and perform a parting ceremony and demonstrates how the healing potential of ritual can even lead to friendship with your ex. A special chapter on children suggests ways that ritual can help heal these innocents, and a one-of-a-kind contact list in the back of the book offers a way for you get personal advice and assistance from lay people and clergy who have created and performed parting ceremonies of their own. A Healing Divorce is the only book that embraces the painful realities of separation and offers a new way to make parting more conscious and this important family transition more life affirming.

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